Friday, July 22, 2005

Carnival of the Optimists #14: Being good to yourself

Wow. First our guest took me longer than expected (in itself a good thing), then the next morning I hit the ground running (insofar as maple syrup runs), and last night before training I thought "Okay, let me get fifteen minutes, and then I'll get the Carnival up." Promptly to be woken up by my wife almost two hours later.

In other words, welcome to the (Relentlessly-Late) Carnival of the Optimists.

This week has a little Good News, a Lot of Bootstrap... and something very special. At any rate, I think it's special, and it's my carnival, so nyaa nyaa.

Good News:

A fantastic time was had at a Protein Stability Conference, by Technogypsy. Apparently, the relative gullibility of rainbow trout, and turning a pre-teen into a "mental chew-toy" (knowning Techno, this means big-time teasing), were a serious portion of the academic exercises.

We're shy on Good News submissions, folks. It doesn't have to be anything of earth-shattering significance. Simple reminders that life is good have all the value they could ever need.


First, one of the best things I've seen in a while from Steve Pavlina. There are people to whom I'd like to personally staple a copy of this one... You Have the Right to be Wrong.

Second up, from Bad Example, one simple technique for Time Management.

In lieu of Progress this week, something important. Living. By Cicero at Winds of Change.
Life is a value. Living is itself valuable. Cicero went to the edge of death, and returned.
If I changed the details a little bit, and involved acorns, rather than dim sum, I could tell the exact same story. Like Cicero, I also carry long-term repercussions from the incident that will be with me until I'm not...

but that's the deal with Optimism. The Pessimist looks at reality, decides it's not what he wants it to be, and loses hope -- or even worse, becomes a cynic. The naif simply remains in denial about the world, because it's easier to keep wearing rose-tinted glasses. But real Optimism requires seeing the world for what it is... and finding that what is, is good.

That's all for this week. Go read Cicero, and we'll catch you next time.
And keep that Good News coming!

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