Sunday, July 17, 2005

Carnival of Cats #69

Well, hello... Posted by Picasa

Welcome into our little corner, BUT...
Answer me these questions three, ere the other side ye see...
1. What is your favorite wet food?
2. How many kittens can pounce on the head of their mommy?
3. What is the blood pressure of a purr-comatose human? (Uh, systolic or diastolic?)

Onward and purrward!
(Disclaimer: I can't get CoC68 to load. I think these are all fresh, but there's an outside possibility that some of these are repeats -- I don't recognize any from before, but I've got a brain like a sieve, and the holes are getting bigger-- and I'd rather err by repeat publication than by omission.)

First, a request for help... if you can, please, help save Wampi, who was senselessly thrown off an apartment building.

This week, Ellison (of Blog D'Ellison fame) bows before The Queen...

And he might pick up a few pointers about doing so, from Cutting Edge of Ecstasy, on Keeping a Woman Happy.

Meanwhile, DrTony waxes artistic, with Catty Warhol.

Now and Zen, as Beth Donovan points out, you just have to stop and smell the roses... and perhaps, eat them?

Barry at Enrevanche shows us Gato, the Sound Engineer (Podcasting). Domo Arigato Mr. Gato! (He is, a modern cat...)

Biscuit finds a friend! Love, leashes, trash cans, and stuffed pouncing, preserved for posterity at BTW.

Spooky-cat hangs out over at the Geezer's Corner, and she likes cigars.

Melange shows us Sleeping Beauties. Not to mention, How Cats Sleep. (Any way they want to, whereever on the bed they want to, as late in the day as they want to....)

and, inspiring rousing choruses of "awwwwwwws" from Bombay owners everywhere, Sabaki over at Middle-Fork, enjoys a Big Toe. (umm... a LOT)

Pixel, on the other hand, supervises online Grammar over at Labkat.

Elevator Up! Elevator Down! Elevator Up! Sophie, at Bootstrap Analysis, is the Queen of Elevator Butt.

At I-Pets, on the other hand, Grace has had a long day. Clearly she needs a nap.

Harley and Tinker, on the other hand, seem plenty chipper... almost Zen-like. Inscrutable. Somebody over at Curiouser and Curiouser, bring a mouse...

Aunt Holly is ready for her closeup...

At Elms in the Yard, it's a bit different. Hillel could really use a home. The Bunny thinks it's a bit far to ship him to Texas, but he definitely looks like a keeper....

And nothing at Lunar Obverse was altered in order to allow Smacky to violate the laws of physics...

Somebody over at Striving for Average has a little Computer-Ownership Issue. C'mon, get your grubby little primate paws off of it, and let the rightful owner absorb the CPU heat...

What are you winking at, Spider? Nobody at Running Scared can tell... (faeries? dustbunnies? random fluctuations of the ether? How can mere humans know?)

Hi may not precisely have a Moosey Fate, but he knows when to yield to the inevitable... it's hot...

It's hard work, napping at AthenaMama's... fortunately, Thalia seems up to the challenge.

Oh, no! Pixel and Smudge play at Trapped at Cathouse Chat! Oh, that devilish human trick... (warning, Pixel gets hers: graphic catgrabbing images enclosed, may not be suitable for some dog owners)

Meanwhile, Resistance is Futile, but Memphis is unconcerned about the Chinese nuclear threat.

Ogre's Politics and News provides the valuable service of a link to a five thousand name database, for the finicky cat who can't decide what she'd like her human to call her...

Hold the presses. I've always wanted a cat like this one, over at Relentlessly Optimistic. One who likes to swim, like Pepper... (note, not R.O.'s cat)

Too funny to summarize, but I bet the mouse is *very* unhappy over at Quite Early One Morning.

From Sisu, Diva Tiny and Baby, complete with cute toe action... plus, how to focus the feline mind.

Ferdy, the Conservative Cat, says that "sometimes, it just doesn't pay to get up."

At Watermark, we see cats, Fashionable, Smart, and Foolish.

Dolphin is planning to get overweight in order to accomodate his masters' lap needs...
you have to make sacrifices, you know...

Maggie wants to point out that Carlos is so cool (and relaxed, or, comatose perhaps?) when the puppy's outside...

Kiril presents The Official Blog Bouncer, who is pondering the ins and outs of his new pad. I'd be on my best behavior, too.

Venus and Mercury (who own their own blog!), are, shall we say, Not Amused.

Hey, I'm trying to get some sleep here! Sheesh, what do you expect folks at the Republic of Seabrook to do, work?

Attention attention, alert at Ego.... Morris is entering the building. This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill.

Hey, the blog may be Full of Crap, but EVERYBODY loves Mister Fluffy Feet!

From Music and Cats.... brotherly love. Awww.

A triple-submission from Mog: Cat Loaf, Too Darned Hot, I've got the lap... booyah! Hahaha...

All this talk of Harry Potter has the fine felines of the Oubliette intrigued... how's this familiar thing work, and what's in it for them? Plus, Mac may not be much for the flashy thing, but he does a great road-kill impression...

Over at Ramble Strip... Cinders didn't make it... is there an afterlife for kitties? (Cinderella and Cinderfella are muy cute, too...)

That's it for this one, folks. See you next time.

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