Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Archery Update,Day 3

I definitely need to go ahead and order those arrows. I ruined three of my good ones today. Why?

Because it's the infamous "second day after," and my body's tired -- hasn't adjusted yet. So when I didn't keep proper form, my string-hand would drop, and inadvertently "skip" the arrow upwards, including putting one over the fence and whacking into Rufel/Jonathon's shed hard enough to permanently warp the arrow (unsafe to shoot). The other two are repairable with a drill and some butt-busting, as they were consciously aimed low, and hit a ground runner that snapped them at the head.

All in all, a very discouraging shoot. On the other hand, when I can keep the form and alignment, the arrows group. Hopefully in a few weeks my body will have adapted to the strain, and the war bow will be as easy to shoot as my 45-lb Crimean Tatar was.

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