Wednesday, July 20, 2005

East-Central and East-Euro Happenings

Decided to put together some news, since this region is geopolitically critical, yet seems to constantly fall off the newsmap.

Hungarians increasingly skeptical about role of EU: other sources cite discomfort with Turkish accession.

Joblessness dips slightly in Hungary, but stats are mixed.

Chechens a bit miffed with Hungary?
(Pestiside is not a "serious" newspaper, but we'd have to agree that the jihadist website is very clearly tossing out some *weird* propaganda about Hungary. Note the typical islamist racism towards Africans.)

And if you think that's bizarre, how about the Hungarian Prime Minister publicly admitting to the country having little to no low-level air defense?

Hungarian Scientists develop miracle kefir. (That's "funny-tasting yoghurt" to the rest of us.)

Slovakia figures it out, ends compulsory military service:

Indiana Nat'l Guardsmen on exercise with Slovaks. (No unit names.)

Slovak high court blocks EU constitution ratification: on grounds that it should have been settled in referendum:

Czech armored carrier acquisition predicated upon airlift capacity. This suggests that the Czech Republic is taking its NATO responsibilities quite a bit more seriously than similarly-sized members such as Belgium or Hungary.

Abortions in PostCommunist Czech Republic fading -- (not to inflame abortiond debate, but given Europe's incipient demographic collapse, it's relevant)

Vaclav Klaus gets in trouble thanking "extremists." (Note their platform stances, which would be considered conservative-but-mainstream in the US.)

Talking heads bloviate in shock that Klaus would return correspondence with "extremist" constituents:

Polish Minister of Defense visits Pentagon. Press time with Rumsfeld:

Polish-Lithuanian reconciliation ceremony

Putin and Chirac diss Polish/Lithuania as politically irrelevant. (Polish and Lithuanian ministers not invited to Kaliningrad conference, attended by France and Germany despite the EU subject matter being entirely relevant to them. (Shades of the old Great Powers mentality?)

Inflationary Pressures diminishing in Poland

Commentary by Anatol Pasat: "Russian Gas Attack" Pasat comments of Russia's use of its exclusive oil-supplier status as a foreign-policy club.

Redeco to build oil refinery in Moldova

Quick press review of devastating floods' effect in Romania

Albanians to run Kosovo police force: politically sensitive doesn't begin to describe it.

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