Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fatwah issued against Carnival of Cordite member

Anarchangel has a message for those who would kill him: his bullets are rolled in pig fat, and he is ready.

Hoping for the best. I've been just close enough to this sort of thing to know that it's very, very real. Spread the word, folks. We're not the only ones on the blogosphere. Our enemies read our words.

Our enemies should fear them. Because, two invasions and four revolutions later, our enemies still don't understand a fundamental truth: we're don't play nice because we're weak. We're playing nice, and still kicking their asses. We play with the kid gloves on because we are so powerful that we can do so, and still win, easily. Those gloves can come off, at any time.

Heed this lesson: You do NOT want to see what happens when America decides to take the gloves off.

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