Thursday, July 21, 2005

Just in case anybody out there is still unclear on the concept....

Tyrants collude with other tyrants, ideology notwithstanding.
Terrorists and gangsters collude with other terrorists and gangsters, ideology notwithstanding.

Why? Because evil recognizes evil, and those who oppress, maim, and slaughter the innocent recognize their own approvingly.

So, why should anybody be surprised when a pro-ETA newspaper in the Basque country supports the 7/7 bombings in London? Of course they do, just like FARC and the IRA collude with Al-Qaeda, and MS13 is hired by "The Spaniard" to smuggle jihadists across the border into the US.

The US and its allies are playing a game of Diplomacy.
China has come right out and proclaimed that it's playing Civilization, (the PLA likes AQ, and hasn't backed off its threats to nuke the US, either).
And the jihadis and gangsters are playing a particularly twisted form (insofar as that is possible) of Grand Theft Auto.

Each game has a different set of rules, advantages, and disadvantages. And, each game is competing with the other games for supremacy.

When presented with the facts, only a Noam-Chomsky-reading Idiotarian could come to any conclusion other than that we are faced with something every bit as globally dangerous as the Cold War, where the only rules are those that define you.

OUR rules happen to involve a sense of fair play. Of not punishing the innocent along with the guilty. Heated discussions involving nothing more than the properly ethical response -- and even the properly ethical attitude.

Theirs involve (PLA) the wholesale oppression of tens of millions, and, (AQ) literally glories in the mass slaughter of the innocent, the bombing of infants, and stabbings little Jewish girls in their beds, simply because of who they are. None of us particularly relish playing Diplomacy for real. The Great Game is something that, in a better world, would be eschewed for Parcheezi. But, our opponents like playing their games.

So we'd better win.

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