Thursday, July 07, 2005

Your basic gun questions...

Lord knows I'm no expert on guns. Nor do I get to the range anywhere near as often as I'd like (I seriously have to pare down some hobbies so that I can actually start to do well at some of them).

Thanks to the generosity of friends, my wife now owns a pretty little .380.
And I have my ugly Llama .45, which definitely required smithing.

No pictures shall be shown of my feeble attempt to decorate the stock on my Mosin-Nagant. The idea seemed so simple... the execution turned out to be so difficult. I should leave woodworking to my buddy Technogypsy.

So I'm sitting here, perfectly aware that in a few months I'm going to be able to stick the llama in my glove compartment (go HR 583!!), which isn't quite "Vermont carry," but is a real step forward... and my wife asked me a question last week that I couldn't answer...

I have a stupid newbie question: how hot can handgun rounds get before they're in danger of cooking off?

It sounds so stupid, but w/o covered parking, during the day there's no question but that my car can get to 120 or 130 on the blacktop during the summer... (hot enough that I will occasionally use it explicitly as a dry sauna while driving home).

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