Monday, July 11, 2005

More geekitudes (since Jim requested it...)

a) Boy my knees hurt. Stretching is evil, I tell you.
b) Yellow glove test rapidly approaching at the end of the month.
c) I have finally tracked down a tannery willing to do the rawhide-center tan I need to faithfully reconstruct Joe Skeesick's armor work in England... and said tannery is, thankfully, willing to veg-tan my horsehides for me. So soon I should be able to do a recreation of the "farsetti di cordovano" that Matteo Villani describes the Cumans wearing... a 4-ply horsehide caftan modeled after Cuman sculpture.
d) and in my down time or movie-watching time, I'm needle-felting Squeak's rough felt into shape. Check the Lizard Queen.

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