Sunday, April 02, 2006

A third-party candidate in 2008?

Rumors are swirling.

But then again, how stupid are we? The Republicans suck, but the only third-party that could happen would exist solely to peel away the "hold your nose continent" (and that's me, folks) in order to allow Clinton to squeak into office.

I don't think it stands a chance in hell. Not because independent voters aren't smart enough to see the threat... but because, having been out of political power since Reagan, we have something that neither major party possesses: patience. A lasting political realignment will involve waiting long enough for the Democrats to tear themselves apart on the altar of socialism and government school unions... and for the Republicans to finally have their electoral showdown between the Theocrats, the Country Club, and the Reaganites.

Then, we shall see what we shall see. Anything prior to that is an electoral trap, and a transparent one.

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