Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Cold War/Great Game is "On" again

Partial Hat Tip: A Step at a Time - follow the internal link to "Korrespondent," which can be Babelfished as desired.

Let's recap this month or so in international relations, US-Russia.

1. Russia moves to occupy South Ossetia for good.
2. Russia sells the Iranians the Sqvall. (Word to Iran -- suckers.)
3. Russia blocks any pretense to serious action/sanctions in the UNSC regarding Iran.
4. Russia gets the paperwork ready on its Soviet Union, Mark Two. (Notable for its language giving inherent majority votes to Russia...unneccesary if it were meant to simply be an EU clone)

Russia's xenophobic foreign policy is at it again, and I think the game is now sufficiently transparent to call a spade a spade. Putin and his KGB FSB buddies in the Kremlin have decided to say "game on." Of course, with an economy the size of Mexico's, supported only by petrodollars (and, word to the world's collective buttheads: as I fueled my car this morning, with gas only threatening to rise seriously, it was already a 10% ethanol mix), there is no way that Russia can do it on its own.

So, the game is being played by taping new paragraphs into the old playbook...

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