Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Think big, baby, we're in Texas.

The inevitable catfights over where the TTC is to run have begun popping up, as North Texas businesses don't want to risk being bypassed. (Of course, yours truly who wants open land is just fine with the recommended route running east of Dallas...)

Oh, you mean you've never heard of the TTC?
Well, here's where all you folks who think Texans are a bunch of posers when we talk about the value of BIG get to stand slack-jawed with awe. The Trans-Texas Corridor is:
  • separate lanes for passenger vehicles and large trucks
  • freight railways
  • high-speed commuter railways
  • infrastructure for utilities including water lines, oil and gas pipelines, and transmission lines for electricity, broadband and other telecommunications services
Here's the FAQS.
It'll take fifty years to finish it, that's how big it is. And it's looking out fifty years into the future that you can get a sense of why it's needed. Check out this handy map. Now, compared to the coastal Hive Cities(tm), Texas' population is still fairly-well dispersed. After all, we have space to build, so that we can have a big city like Dallas or Houston, and still have the lifestyle benefits of living in an incredibly-large medium-sized city. But that's going to change, and change dramatically, if the international traffic coming into the country from Central America and Mexico (go free trade!!) all have to run smack-dab through Austin and DFW in order to get elsewhere. It'll be a nightmare. Check out 2060 for my neck of the woods... easily 10 million folks in Tarrant, Dallas, and Collin counties, and the only way Denton's going to escape being just as wide is if a miracle happens and the Lewisville Bridge collapses during the bitterly-opposed but inevitable widening process. I'm also pretty sure that area around Houston/Harris county is being counted very conservatively.

TTC rocks. It's even got the runs in for high-speed rail, to keep the environmental pansies happy.

(Gratuitous chauvinism follows.)
Now, don't you wish your puny state (or you NY-Cali wusses... you're punching WAY below your weight class lately) could come up with something like this so that you don't have to play tag with road-trippers and interstate freight during rush hour?


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