Monday, April 24, 2006

People who anger me, for various reasons.

1. The asshats calling themselves "Islamic Thinkers" parading around in New York City with "da Jooooooooos are gonna get nuked for Allah" bullshit. Now, granted, you know, they're demon-infested nutbags.... but do they have to be so freaking STUPID about it? Aren't we supposed to have diabolical, clever evil? I mean, hell, all Bin Laden could come up with was ripping off the plot of a Tom Clancy novel... it's like these guys are under Rovian mind-control purposefully demonstrating in order to rescucitate the Republicans in time for the mid-term elections.

2. Some buttheads in Dallas tortured a sweetheart of a pit bull to death this weak. I know some of you have tender stomachs, so no link. I have no way of finding out who these people are. Good thing, too, because I doubt the ten grand award would cover my legal bills after introducing the perps to a few of the better ideas by the Dukes of Chin.

3. Some political hack leaks classified info. I have one question: why ain't she in jail?

Oh well. Gotta go kick people in the head...

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