Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcoming our giant sugarcube masters...

The Micro-compact home is unlikely to appeal to people like, say, um, my wife... who prefer a bit more floor-space for guests. This thing looks like it wouldn't even hold our books.

However, it has some real potential if it were to be viewed with the "support reeds" and integrated into the surrounding landscape. In an area with good climate such as Texas, the indoor/outdoor house (particularly kitchen!) concept has a good deal more going for it. With an appropriate economy of scale, one could actually create quite the neat living space. And as the web page suggests, it is a really nice option for small student apartments. If cozy and minimalist, particularly cozy, minimalist, and integrated into the landscape, is your bag, it'd be worth checking out.

You'll want to do something about that flat roof, though. That's a spanking offense: flat roofs have been known to be trouble for at least the past thirty years.

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