Thursday, August 11, 2005

EU to Iran: You have three weeks to stop producing nukes, or we'll pout at you.

You'd think these theoretically-sophisticated people would get it: diplomacy is an extension of power politics. I care what the EU thinks, because I'm a nice guy. Dictators and uranium-producing terror sponsors, on the other hand, want to know how many divisions you have.

This is getting interesting, though. We've caught them shipping bombs. One of their militia groups has staged a municipal coup. Their president openly brags about how many suicide bombers he has... sounds an awful lot like "asymmetric warfare" to lil' ol' me...

You think we're moving an armored division from German to Fort Bliss so we have it free to slap these guys silly once they cross the line? You want to bet the collective EU ministers will cry like children presented with the wrong flavor of ice cream when we do? You want to bet anybody with an actual stake in the game will care?

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