Thursday, August 04, 2005

Good. Deport their asses.

It looks like the domestic front in the great war has begun, and we're set to start getting serious about people who come here solely for the purpose of committing crimes.

As has been seen time and time again, terrorism and organized crime are twin sisters. One has political motives, the other may have political motives. Otherwise they are nearly indistinguishable from each other in method, and are often the same people.

"How can you say that? How can you compare street gangs to people who want to establish dhimmitude across the globe?"

Give me absolute control, over every living soul,
And lie beside me baby, that's an order...

You don't have to have a political action statement, in order to want to impose tyrannical power upon the weak, the helpless, and the merely polite and law-abiding.

1. The IRA's money supply in the U.S. has dried up because people have become aware of the extent to which it is involved in gangsterism.
2. MS-13 is a street gang with international ties, among which are ties to Al-Qaeda...
3. Criminal drug trafficking, whether it's cocaine and FARC, or the heroin pipelines through Albania, fund very nasty people.

I'm a libertarian, not a conservative. But there are times when Order must be marshalled in the support of Liberty. If you can't go out in public wearing red or blue because that's an automatic death sentence in your neighborhood, you aren't free. If every house in your neighborhood is a monument to ornamental iron, and you teach your kids to stay away from the windows at night, you aren't free. If "stop, drop, and roll" in your neighborhood is a response to random shootings, rather than what to do if you accidentally catch fire, you aren't free.

It doesn't matter whether the tyrannical force crushing your liberty is a single dictator with his goon squad, or a group of smart, selfish people who have no concept of the value of any life but their own -- your freedom is crushed just the same.

Right now there's a major nationwide sweep going on. In Dallas alone there have been more than 600 felony arrests in the past couple weeks. Now, those arrested are entitled to the presumption of innocence. Many of them will be. But if the police have screwed up so badly that more than four out of every five of these guys is innocent, does anybody seriously think Dallas wouldn't be better off with a hundred felons off the street?

Would it be better policy to simply legalize illegal drugs, in order to take the profit out of them? Sure. We have some crappy laws on our books, and will until we get the votes to change them. But turning dope into a worthless commodity wouldn't stop Mara Salvatrucha from hustling stolen guns and cars, and kidnapping women for the gang-rape-slave-fest politely referred to as forcible prostitution. It sure wouldn't stop these groups from being involved in the identity theft that is now estimated to have affected literally one in four Americans.

Round them up, give them their rights as defendents, and, if found guilty, jail or deport their sorry misanthropic asses. We may be playing with kid gloves on globally, but we are not, and should not, keep them on domestically -- our self-restraint has been abused long enough.

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