Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The utter hypocrisy of Big Education

Just because I'm training to be a teacher doesn't mean my eyes aren't wide-open about the way the Education Mafia plays ball. Take for instance, this MSNBC/Newsweak cover story regarding making classroom adjustments, including sex-segregated classrooms, in order to account for the strong differences in cognitive development between girls and boys.

1. School was in trouble.
2. School made changes.
3. School sees dramatic improvements.

(wait for it)

4. Education specialists "gravely concerned."

Yep. The same people who have been telling everybody to bend over backwards to account for differences in learning strategies, even differences that are now confirmed by brain scan, are now deeply concerned about doing so when there might be an actual, documentable difference in learning strategies between the sexes involved. Which, if said enlightened Educrats would do so much as listen to a single PE coach, is something that ought to be blatantly obvious to the Education Einsteins from Day One.

So now you get legions of the "concerned" enlightened, afraid that recognizing some of these differences and trying not to actually not fail boys in school, is somehow threatening a return to a "Handmaiden's Tale" version of the 19th century, in which schools... guess what... often failed girls with learning strategies mostly designed for boys.

"Think of them as individuals," says the critics? That's precisely what these collectivist bumblefucks are refusing to do. Can the proponents of "outcome-based education" possibly fault education that results in superior outcomes? Oh, you bet they can: just threaten one of their little religious ideologies, and you'll see these Junior Ministers of the High Priest Vulture Elite(*) toss outcomes right out the window.

*Coined by the Diplomad, an anonymous Foreign-Service blog that is now defunct, here. Said definition should be expanded to include any power group that claims to exist solely for the benefit of others or the improvement of the downtrodden, yet whose actual day-to-day business involves attempting to conceal brazenly self-motivated activity behind a wall of meaningless cant interpretable only by the enlightened initiated.

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