Monday, January 09, 2006

Hanging a rape victim: yes, it's Iran.

Her crime? Apparently to defend herself. Welcome to the middle east, where women are property. And where the men in charge want to remold the entire world into the image of their own broth of darkness.

This has got to be the death of multiculturalism. If this culture is perfectly valid, then Boston liberals have to respect my perfectly valid cultural custom of beating men to death with pick handles when they try to stone and gang-rape defenseless girls in a park, and of taking the men who would sentence her to hang for the crime of defending herself, and letting them be hoisted up in the air in that same park to serve as an example while they bleed down the dull pig-pole stuck up their asses while the wild dogs jump up to try to catch pieces of their legs.

Because whether the liberal pantywaists admit it or not, that's MY culture's perfectly acceptable male reaction to gang-rapists who think women should be treated like tissue paper, and their tyrant enablers, who think that all the women in the world should be terrified into submitting to said atrocity.

(Russ Angry Mode: Enabled.)

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