Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito Theater Proves Democrats Incompetent

Now that the Alito Theater has opened, let's put some things in perspective toot-sweet.

The Alito nomination has nothing to do with Alito. Alito's conservative creds are well-known, and no more particularly conservative than Ginsburg is liberal. In other words, unless you're far enough left that you think Ginsburg is a moderate, you may not really care for his ideological orientation, but there's nothing there to make you shriek "Eek, a Fascist!"

So while the Blogosphere loses its mind arguing over whether Alito is a secret homophobic racist anti-environment love child of Henry Kissinger and Martin Luther's grumpy great-aunt Gertrude, let's look at something else.

Some folks think that the Dems have no choice but to filibuster Alito. They're wrong. Opposition to Alito is the worst possible political mistake they can make. Here's why: it's a mid-term election year, and the election in the cycle MOST likely to hose the incumbent party in Congress. Given the Dems' absolute need to make some gains in this election, what is the worst possible play they could make? What could the Democrats in Congress, the Senate particularly, possibly do to guarantee a maximal Republican turnout in the midwest and other competitive states?

Yeah. That.

There are members of the screeching left who are serious money-men. George Soros of bad-tie fame is one of them. Dems who are dependent on the international socialist crowd like Georgie Porgie and his like have little choice but to toe the line or see their funding dry up... but anybody else who's a Dem has a choice: he can tell the uberlefties to shut up, and ask them "where ya gonna go," just like the Republicans do to their own weirdo fringe. Or, they can risk a Daschle. Yeah. Remember him?

Is Alito really going to do the Liberal Causes that much damage? Well, may-be. But said causes are only in the Courts because Congress allowed the Courts to encroach upon their jurisdiction and legislate from the bench. Guess what? A solid, lasting Republican majority will make the courts a null issue, simply by asserting Congressional perogatives in a way that completely hoses the Left. Letting Alito quiety slip onto the court, and harnessing liberals' and leftists' anger at that into mid-year fundraising money, is the best bet they have.

Giving talk radio jocks months of tasty soundbites to play for their true believers? That's the kind of thing you expect from Greens, Libertarians, and the Constitution Party. You know, the "also rans."

You'd think the Democrats would know better.

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