Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Carnival of the Optimists #10

So I'm in a house with three beautiful women, one of whom sent me lovely orchids, another is my wife, and the third I've gotten into feltmaking for no other reason than I worked on it and she got hooked. I'm back from a funeral, I have new nephews and nieces, got to see nine out of ten of my great-aunts and great-uncles, and I managed to survive a serious round of questioning by one of my academic-article editors. Obviously... it's Carnival Time....

Okay, I'm classifying this under "Bootstraps..." because it's a real lemonaid-out-of-lemons kind of deal. BIG lemons. This guy is the coolest trucker you've never seen before over at Soldier's Angel. Because I guarantee you, if you had seen him, you'd know.

The next one, from Steve Pavlina, is all about the classic interaction of attitude and results. Worth reading.

Not fitting into any category except plain old Good Things... Northstar has a photo of his Dad, circa 1955... If there's anything that's more important than family, it's an awfully short list.

So, what's Progress this week?

It's not a cure for cancer... but it's a treatment, and a good one. Check it out.

That's it, folks. Keep those positive attitudes coming...

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Audie said...

I see no pictures of those flowers.... :P