Friday, February 17, 2006

The sad journey of Arnold Schwarzenegger

He has finally been beaten-down to where the only policy proposal he can think to make and credibly get taxed is to introduce "price increases" on fuels, in order to fund alternative-fuel research.

Yes, that's right, folks... Mr. Fiscal Responsibility is going to make California more economically competitive by raising gas taxes. He's going to punish the poor bastard in Oak-town who's already paying insane gasoline taxes by raising same, in order to make some upper-middle class politically-correct yuppie feel better about the fact that she's driving a deuce-and-a-half to work on I-80 every morning.

Then he's going to make every company in the state report their emissions. If an accountant on the fourth floor had bean tacos at lunch, what emissions schedule will that fall under, Governor?

Sure, there are environmental groups out there who are terrified at the thought that the world might possibly get as warm as it was in the fourteenth century, where some areas that are green now were deserts (much of southern Italy, for example). But, on the other hand, they were able to raise crops in Greenland, which is now a frozen hell. I'm not too worried.

But I am worried that the collective legislators of our state with the largest economy (perhaps not for long), can think of nothing better to do with their time, and no problem that might perhaps be more important, than screwing over the minimum-wage single mother whose fast-food job doesn't lie on a bus route, in order to make a desperate attempt to keep Greenland frozen.

I can see the bumper-stickers now.

What do we want? Frozen Greenlanders! When do we want it? Always!

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