Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nancy Greggs: what is Democratic Underground thinking?

This is low-hanging fruit, but I have to say, I'm appalled to see that the quality of writing on Democratic Underground has gotten even worse as of late. In a way, I understand Bush Derangement Syndrome. I caught a bad case of the Clinton strain a few years back myself. But apparently the diseased has progressed to where forebrains have turned to brie in the process.

Ms. Greggs has apparently only lately gotten around to realize that eight months ago, some brilliant satirist out there in Blue America wrote the Red States a "Dear John" letter. While said letter was obviously puerile, it had the following redeeming features:
  1. Its argument is logically consistent.
  2. It was well-written.
  3. It was funny.
None of this seems to apply to Ms. Gregg's piece, which advocates chopping the country up in half -- as if somehow the Democrats are the majority in half the country, rather than in a number of large, predominantly hyperpopulated urban bases. This, apparently in a desperate attempt to prove true everything Rush Limbaugh said about liberals being angry spiteful people whose views roughly equate "Republican" with "evil and retarded." The piece is... well, poorly written. Let alone, appallingly unoriginal.

This is what gets top billing on DemUnd? I mean, come on. They could have simply recirculated the "Dear Red States" letter with a couple of updates... at least the Letter had real humor and made real points... for instance, a BlueStater might actually want to keep Hollywood, and rather have Harvard than Ol' Miss, thus beautifully highlighting the differences between the rest of the country and Greater New England.

(One of them being the stark difference in your chances of getting a close, personal understanding of the phrase "coyote ugly." Speaks for itself, don't it? )

... I mean, if the country had to split, would it be worth it to lose all those public-service union parasites, if it meant having import duties slapped on good NoCali weed? The Letter raises an important issue!

Ms. Gregg's piece, on the other hand, seems to posit that non-liberals are going to wind up in Bush-istan, a place of ignorance, futitily, and state-sanctioned torture. But at least she does have this self-serving little sugar-plum to dangle over our heads:

Well, it's not too late. As much as some of you drive me crazy at times, you're
still my Fellow Citizens, and I want you to be part of my country, and part of
my life.
To which the only meaningful rejoinder one could possibly make is the hope that, in the end, Ms. Gregg might get one. And, possibly, a writing tutor.

Democratic Underground should be spanked for not only allowing this ... myrmidon to upstage the Letter on its bandwidth, but actually showcasing the pathos for all to see.

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