Friday, February 10, 2006

Islamists: We conquer like stepping into a blender...

From "Matty Groves"

"I can't get up, I won't get up, I won't get up for me life,
For ye have a bitter sword, and I've but me pocket-knife."

"It's true I have two bitter swords, in shape just like the first,
You shall have the better of them, and I shall have the worst.
And do you strike the very first blow, and strike it like a man,
I shall strike the very next blow, and kill you if I can."

So Matty struck the very first blow, and hurt Lord Donald sore,
Then Donald struck the very next blow, and Matty struck no more...

So, the Islamists and Al-Quaeda supporters pulled a psy-op, and got everybody in a tizzy over freedom of expression, and whether we invite our worldly doom by daring to make a hypersensitive Islamist feel offended.

The results: well, besides the High Priest Vulture Elite blathering over whether the EU needs to worry about its freedom-of-speech laws (they have freedom of speech in the EU? Since when?), what has the result of all this sturm-und-drang been?

Well, it's been a lot like an intellectual version of Fallujah. The great victorious rage resulted in the entire civilised world's Scorn-o-Meter being pegged at 11 (one wonders what, in fact, Salafists actually know how to do, besides sodomize goats and kill people), while those who actually engage in journalism, rather than parrotting the HPVE, dug up the facts of the case and realized that the whole thing was, in fact, carefully manufactured.

Meaning that the true believers have done nothing but show their true colors, and for most of them, their faces, in front of western cameras, while the western world gets another round of inoculation from the insane Wahhabi/Salafist broth of darkness.

Eurocratic tranzi-weenies aside (and we have always had their ilk about, under various guises), this is part of our general pattern: we give the bad guys as much leverage as they could possibly want, and see what they do with it. Then, once they've taken a swing, we kick their teeth in.

The Taliban's fucked: they can't even manage small-unit assaults. Saddam, for all his bluster, was pulled out of a "spider hole" looking like a truck-stop reject. Ghaddafi got smart and quit while he was ahead. Now it's Iran's turn... soon, the Mullahcracy will have a nuke...

who thinks Ah-Matty-nejad is capable of learning from history?

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