Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Stalker! China vs. Texas edition

The Chinese have let off a guy who broke into this gal's apartment and stole a bra and her MP3 player.

But wait, there's more. This dude's basically a pathetic dweeb stalker, and has been doing her laundry, leaving snacks, and basically turning burglary into "House Elf: the stalker edition" for some time now. She didn't say anything: either she was terrified, fantasizing that he'd be somebody cooler, or simply utilitarian enough in a country with a kick-ass ratio (in her favor) to let the poor dumb schmuck be her willing slave.

I'm thinking of the women I know, and trying to imagine how they'd handle having their laundry mysteriously folded, love notes on the counter, snacks placed out for them in the afternoon...
after the initial "ewwww" and feeling of having their space violated, most of them would ambush the poor sap with a .45 and turn his head into pesto.

The Dallas gold-digger contingent (amongst whom I unfortunately work) would think it was cute, attempt to use hidden cameras to figure out who it was, and then call in some guys to pound him to death once they found out it wasn't that guy whose clothes and wallet they were fantasizing over the previous week.

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