Monday, December 12, 2005

Southern Fried Tookie!

Oh, wait, that was Ted Bundy. Hrm... this would be a California Crip Roll with Tookie sauce?
Or, hold on, California does lethal injection... Tookie Smack. Oddly appropriate...

Not that it would particularly mess up my day if the Dorkinator had decided to go for clemency. Ahnold blows with the wind so much lately that it really was anybody's guess. BUT...

I heard Tookie speak. I read Tookie's words.
I've known ex-cons. Guys who did really hard time, and have forgotten how to eat with anything but a spoon.

Tookie's words were bullshit.
So... Fry him. Or, dye him. Whatever. Only thing I'm not going to do is cry for him.

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