Friday, October 14, 2005

Hamas morons about to get diced.

Yep, it's official. Al-Quaeda has officially begun taking over Hamas. Makes sense to me. After all, the last Hamas guy I was mixed up with would have made your average Pakistani Salafist blush.

But strategically, this is GREAT news for those of us who think that waging holy war by murdering little girls in their beds should be replied to with castration by acid, followed by disembowling, followed by flaying, and then supplemented with the best IVs medicine can devise and a cage with a half-dozen hungry rats. Why's that?

Well, when AQP (Al Quaeda's basically a franchise biz. So you have AQI, "Al Quaeda in Iraq", and AQP...) starts really cutting loose, you'll see more and more Arab regimes deciding that, you know what, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict really isn't something they care about after all... (this process has already begun, btw) at which point Israel will have a free hand to wipe the bastards off the face of the earth.

Now, some of you out there may still hold to the moral-equivalence theory and be just itching to point out how the Israelis are not nice people. That's not really the point. Yes, the Israelis are a bunch of perfidious bastards who will happily sell our equipment to the Chinese, who will then turn them into tools for killing our soldiers. And yes, they really do have a ridiculous amount of influence on Capitol Hill. But that's at least partly because they don't tend to do the "AK47 monkey dance" every time some asshole with a virgin fixation blows himself up on a bus full of kids.

The point is this: just how close is Hamas to actual extinction, if

a) they are acting rationally
b) this is understood to be a move that strengthens their position?

It's murkier than trying to read Kremlin seating charts... but there's no way this doesn't come up as good news for those of us who are part of civilisation.


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