Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Can anybody out there in recruiter-land tell me...

Okay, I'm going to post this to the milbloggers, and see what they say.

I'm 34, have a master's in history and medieval studies (medieval military history). I speak good but rusty french and intermediate Hungarian, and pick up languages at the survival level very rapidly. If you've ever spent more than ten minutes on my blog and checked where I link, can see that I've got a keen interest in international relations, intelligence matters, etcetera. Doing martial arts three days a week, I'm not in the shape I should be in, but I'm far from the shape I could be in, if you get my drift.

Everybody I've talked to says we're desperately short of junior-officer S-2s. I'm seriously thinking of going into teaching. Unlike a lot of folks, I married a gal who grew up under the Communists and is ridiculously supportive of me doing both of these, so long as we don't have to move. My only tie-down obligation is to my martial arts salle and to my wife.* Outside of a twin brother who thinks it's nuts -- mostly because he doesn't like the idea of me getting shot at -- it seems like I'd fit the bill, at least on the basic level.

So why then, do the recruiters seem to be pushing me for 37f? Now, 96b intel analyst I could understand, on the grounds that with no prior service, nobody reading this knows whether I'm actually officer material. But 37f?

Is there somebody who can sell me a vowel on this one?

TBF (to be fair): said twin is also moving from California onto my street at my instigation. So, deploying is fine, moving is not.


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