Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I know Taebo, and I'm gonna kick your ass.

Top Ten Reasons why that Taebo Chick(tm) is going to wipe the walls with all you dojo darlings:

10. After Taebo Chick kicks your ass, she's going to get the hell out of there, rather than mouthing off and turning the entire biker bar against her.
9. Taebo Chick doesn't think ten reps is enough to know how to kick.
8. Taebo Chick goes to class to train, not to hang out in a circle jerk being told how dangerous she is.
7. By definition, Taebo Chick understands that conditioning counts.
6. Taebo Chick doesn't have to be bitched at constantly about slacking off and poor form.
5. If Taebo Chick realizes she has to fight you, she's going to keep her pumps on and use them to kick your teeth in, not dramatically remove them and drop into a kung fu stance.
4. Taebo Chick recognizes poseur tricks like bowing to a real-world opponent for the candy-ass dick moves they are, and would never spend a half hour fantasizing about it out loud with other Taebo Chicks.
3. Nobody's ever seen a Taebo Chick whine about doing a hundred reps.
2. The Taebo Chick doesn't think that she can beat you up with her chi.


1. If she has to run, Taebo Chick's knees still work.

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