Thursday, September 08, 2005

Governor Blanco criminally negligent?

I have tried to stay out of the hurricane fray... but according to this interview with FEMA, the reason that there were no supplies at the Superdome is that the Louisiana DHS (not to be confused with the federal agency of the same name) refused the Red Cross entry, and LA officials are apparently STILL denying them entry, in order to force an evacuation.

Did the governor order that supplies were not to be sent to the crippled, elderly, and those unable to flee Katrina, in order to force them out? This is beyond explosive.

1. Relief supplies that were ready and waiting were not allowed in -- because people might get access to those supplies.
2. Recall that for some time, the people inside the Superdome were also not allowed out.


By fixating on the policy of forcible removal (why, rather than feed and enlist these people as search assets in order to save trapped peoples' lives), but also directly hindering peoples' ability to get out, the Louisiana government effectively ordered its population to flee or be starved.

I'm a medievalist.
Medievalists have a word for this: it's called SIEGE.

A government that besieges its own disaster victims deserves .... words simply fail at the inhumanity. What is the point of forced evacuations like this, under these terms? What possible level of corruption and ineptitude could explain intentionally inflicting misery like this?
Heads should very literally roll for this depravity.

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