Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Couple of quick updates...

1. Not going to Missouri this weekend for a long vacation shooting at 11th-century Saxons and hanging out on a replica Viking longship on a lake. Needless to say, bummer.
2. Handsewn trousers which were being made for said trip now shockingly lower priority, but I think I'll turn them into a "keep hands busy" project while I try to figure out how to make adequate hand protection for playing double cane.
3. Savate last night sucked. I pulled class early, due to the heat. Mike will giggle, of course, but my schoolteachers aren't doing so hot: they work in absolutely frigid classrooms, and then have to try to force-acclimate from a 70-degree classroom to a 105-degree salle... not good.
4. New blog will be added shortly: Freedom in the World. It's a Freedom-House tracking site, for those of you who'd like their "who's free and who's not list" more than once a year.
5. Bunny's travelling, so I'm doing terrible things to the cats. Rudy is really starting to show his age, this time probably for good. Instead of ups and downs, it's downs and drifts. So we may be looking for a kitten soon.
6. I have a new Unmitigated Geekery(tm) project... more on that later.

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