Monday, April 03, 2006

Zarqawi "demoted" by Al-Quaeda... more than meets the eye

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Here's the article that Gateway has up.

Now, let's note something. This is Al-Quaeda, the organization of death-loving, twelve-foot-tall desert warriors... and what Zarqawi earns for his numerous failures is demotion to military duty?

This tells you one of two things:

1. Either the crux of the matter is that Al-Quaeda has just announced that it's yet another poseur-Jihadi organization like Arafat's Algerians were, sending off other peoples' young to die while they collected fat checks (and in some cases we already know this to be the case)...

2. Or else, Zarqawi was demoted specifically because of "Al Quaeda in Iraq," and therefore the operative issue is that various AQ heads don't care for the current decentralized "franchise model,"and want to re-centralize the organization.


2.5 Because of Zarqawi's incredible failures, AQ has decided that the decentralized model was too politically naive, and thus ineffective, and political actions (like crossing borders to bomb third parties) are going to be more tightly-controlled from here on out... since any honest assessment of Iraq is that AQ has lost so badly that it can't even maintain a meaningful presence in the field.

Still, small phrases can sometimes speak paragraphs.

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