Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well, *there's* a 2008 contender for you...

Think Mike Gravel's bid will be turned into a FairTax referendum, or a rehashing of Vietnam-era anti-war and anti-draft activism?

He's an interesting guy, that's for certain. Here's an old op-ed, in addition to the stuff hitting Drudge.

In terms of the referendum process, that's a two-edged sword... it can be a self-defense mechanism for the little guys to defend themselves from the political class, or else an oligarch's best friend and demogogue's shield.

Suddenly, politics on the Democratic side of the aisle has just gotten interesting.

UPDATE: I've been peeking at his site, and you know, when it comes to the bio or parts of the basic ideas... there's stuff I don't like, but I've seen much, much worse, especially from Democratic candidates. I suspect that this guy is basically a left-libertarian... his idea would basically be a means of using an alternate legislative attempt to give the people back something resembling the old jury nullification, but on a massive scale. The critical issue would be in whether it was explicitly democratic or republican in nature -- if the former, it would potentially allow the hive cities to run roughshod over the countryside, with the latter having effectively no remedy. But if the former, a multiplicity of factions would do its own work. Like I said, I've seen much, much worse.

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