Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time to sell your Tyson stock?

H5N1 has been confirmed, in Turkey, and an H5 variant in Romania, combined with an as-yet unexplained duck die-off in NW Iran.

This means that:
1. The Black Sea poultry trade is going to be in trouble, particularly given the (well-known but little-referred-to-for-politeness' sake) unsanitary health conditions in Moldova and Moldavia.
2. Bird flu will come up the Danube, and likely the river systems north of the Black Sea.
3. Significant mutation, as the disease skips between poultry and migratory birds, has already begun.

This may not become the Holocaust Death Plague(tm), but if you like your Sunday afternoon fried chicken, I'd start packing it in now while the packing's good.

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