Thursday, March 09, 2006

Liquid Water near Saturn

Woohoo! Liquid Water, in view of Saturn's bee-yooo-tiful rings...

Now, all we have to do is:

Launch an Orion ship (Yes, I'm obsessive on this one. Got a better idea?)
Spool down the incredible amount of material required to cement a Space Elevator.
Set up a nuke plant on top of the elevator to produce clean power.
(Profit, w/ sales of energy, elevator, and use of half-tethered "whippy end" for inertial launches)
Send said ship, with spare cargo holds now available, to do some serious asteroid prospecting.
(Profit by "ultimate strip mining")

There. A plan fit for a supervillain. Or, for the bright boy who wants to sell incredibly exclusive vacation trips to the Hanging Gardens of Enceladus.

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