Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Carnival of the Optimists #16: Hashing it out.

So, this week, I got this really nifty book in the mail. It's all about a piece of legislation, that I personally think is very cool, although currently -- and unfortunately -- pigeonholed into partisan lines.

Now, why am I talking about a book on tax policy? While I happen to like the idea, it may turn out that the ideas contained in The Fair Tax Book turn out to be total bunk. But, for over a year now, the first and foremost objection to this legislation has been "it can't happen. 'Group X' will never let it happen." Well, to answer that, Linder and Boortz wrote a book, and now, simply because a lot of people want to hash out whether it stands a chance, said book occupies Amazon's #2 slot, right behind Harry Potter. That's "can do," right there, and "can do" is the spirit upon which the freedom of our republic rests.

Welcome, to the Carnival of the Optimists.

Good News
Everybody go swing by Technogypsy, who just celebrated his 22nd Anniversary. "The Goddess" will surely appreciate it.

Holly Aho of Soldiers' Angels is going for her second podcast. Woo-hoo! Check out the site and interviewee...

Is everybody refusing to leave comments at your blog? Is your brilliance going un-commented-upon? Try this one, from Harvey at Bad Example: say less.

Feeling Down? Check out Steve Pavlina's advice. One size doesn't fit all... the trick is to find the one that fits you...

We have found extra-terran water. Turns out there's a frozen lake of it, conveniently at the surface of Mars, to be used as soon as we can get there (which is good, because it will give us time to go after the subsurface water). We have to leave the cradle of life eventually, if only so that we're protected against diseases as this world's peoples are bound ever-more-closely together. One of the first and foremost problems of doing so has now been definitely answered.

Are these things hard? You betcha.
Are they worth it? You betcha.
Can it be done?

"Can Do."

See you next week.

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